My Village

Oak Lawn is the Place  This post is devoted to the history of Oak Lawn as I see it  and my personal matchbook collection 1923 photo - Oak Lawn Public Library on the photo itself As I turn old and grey I need physical things to remind of who I am and what I've done. This orate plate below is one of those reminders to me - that I grew up in a place that has history, I have some history in it  and a lot of my life was formed by it.  this plate is part of my collection  1909 calendar circles the outer circumference of the plat. That year Oak Lawn was incorporated as a village in the County of Cook  the text on the plate is barely noticeable at first glance so some creative lighting revealed the description  on the face of the dish  The Man Behind the Plate   This is apparently his second store on 95th Street  and Raymond  at the turn of the 20th century image below - 'Oak Lawn' by Kevin Korst photo below - Oak Lawn Public Library